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10 reasons we always remember First Love

First Love is Powerful

Earth-shattering first loves produce unprecedented levels of anticipation, apprehension, and possibility while leaving a lasting impression.

Heartbreak is Powerful, Too

It's difficult to let go of your first love.  The pain and effort required can have a lasting effect.

First Love is Innocent

After a first love, we look for a repeat of those emotions in subsequent relationships, which puts pressure on us and changes our behaviour.

Came with Other Firsts

Initial physical experiences in love, such as a first kiss or sexual encounter, are common.

Part of Your First “Us”

First love stands for the first time you felt like a member of a "we" and prioritized the couple's opinions and feelings over your own when making decisions.

May Not Have Ended by Choice

Young couples may find it challenging to stay together due to family decisions, educational opportunities, and career chances.

Represents Your Youth

When one thinks of their first love, they yearn for their youth and a more carefree time.

Represents Possibility

First love brings back youthful memories, countless opportunities, and what-ifs.  Remember the enthusiasm and think about other options.

Changed You

Initial love shapes who you are and spurs your personal development and growth. significant influence on underlying beliefs and values.

Only Happens Once

Since your first love was unique and the first of everything can only happen once, it sticks with you forever.