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10 Technology trends of 2023

Computing Power

The digital era is dominated by computing power, which will advance with 5G and 6G.  Creates tech jobs but necessitates advanced training. regulates employment.

Smarter Devices

AI-powered devices make life easier.  The RPA course from Simplilearn aids in developing IT and automation skills for employment in management, marketing, and IT.


Datafication results in more IT jobs and certifications for experts in data.  Data jobs are skill-based and growing internationally, including in India.

Extended Reality

Using VR, AR, and MR, Extended Reality (XR) simulates reality.  With chances in game design, animation, and editing, it's a common trend in gaming, medical, and shopping.

Digital Trust

Leading positions for ethical hackers and cybersecurity professionals include security analyst, penetration tester, security consultant, and cybersecurity manager.

3D Printing

The innovative technology of 3D printing is used for industrial and biomedical prototypes.  Skills in AI, ML, modelling, and 3D printing are in demand for high-paying positions abroad.


To advance health, genomics examines genes, DNA, and structural data.  Non-technical jobs conduct research and analysis, whereas technical roles design, analyse, and diagnose.

New Energy Solutions

Sustainability officers, energy analysts, and renewable energy engineers are among the top positions in new energy as a result of the green energy boom.

Edge Computing

By processing data locally to the point of demand, edge computing avoids cloud computing delay. functions as miniature datacenters for rural areas.

Quantum Computing

Large companies like Microsoft and Google are drawn to quantum computers because they are faster than conventional ones.  By 2029, the global quantum computing market will generate $2.5B in sales.