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10 Ways to Promote Baby Development

To aid in the development of motor skills and language, make eye contact, hold the baby close, talk or sing to them, and stimulate hearing and sight.

Connect With Your Baby

Provide babies between 2 and 3 months old a variety of sensations, sights, and smells.  They rub their hands on surfaces that are hard, soft, smooth, cool, or heated.

Excite The Senses

"Tummy time is crucial for a baby's healthy body growth.  Start with a blanket on the floor after two months on the chest or lap. End when fussy."

Give Ample "Tummy Time"

In the early months, mimic your baby's sounds and speak in motherese.  From 4-5 months, pay attention for and imitate babbling. 

Talk To Your Baby

With predictable routines and dependable caregiving, it is possible to develop connection and trust.  Regular schedules provide a sense of control for secure and independent child development.

Provide a Sense of Security

Introduce interactive toys that roll, are colourful, pop-up, and surprise the baby at 6 months old to encourage movement and promote development.

Enhance Baby Activities With Toys

"Babies can understand object permanence at 9 months and enjoy peek-a-boo.  They find it amusing to conceal their eyes and pretend that their entire body is hidden."

Play Interactive Games

Screens are not the best environment for a baby to develop.  Books and parent-child interaction provide immediate feedback; television feedback is artificial.

Turn Off The TV

The quantity and calibre of the words that infants hear affects their language development.  Non-business terms talk and express praise whereas "business" words issue orders.

Keep Business Words Separate

Parent-child connection is essential for a baby's growth.  From birth until toddlerhood, talk to, hold, and interact face-to-face with your child.

Give Your Baby What She Needs