Look  ! tips for taking enticing food photos are here

Plan for the best lighting

As a rule of thumb, aim for natural light & try to take photos in the morning /afternoon. can’t shoot in daylight, aim for one overhead light source.

Garnish your dishes

Dressing up your dishes adds to the wow factor of an already delicious looking menu item.

Work the angle

Shooting your photo from an angle can add lighting variations, depth and overall interest.

Be realistic

While it’s important to take a quality photograph of the menu item, also imp that it’s a realistic portrayal of what’s placed in front of customer.

Edit for the best results

It’s cheaper and easier than ever to own an editing program for touching up photos. Generally, food photos should be colorful, bright, and sharp.

Know your camera

If you’re limited to a phone camera, don’t sweat. Pay attention to lighting, angles, set to “HDR”, Then will be able to take a professional photo without expensive equipment.