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You Should Know About The World's Most Famous and Best Hackers

Top of the world-famous hacker list is Kevin Mitnick. The US Department of Justice called him the "most wanted computer criminal in US history." 

Kevin Mitnick

The story of Jonathan James, known as "comrade," is a tragic one. He hack into several commercial & government network and sent to prison for it.

Jonathan James

He is the another best hackers in the world. He started off as the leader of a hacker group called ShadowCrew. ShadowCrew performed many crimes.

Albert Gonzalez

Kevin Poulsen, also known as "Dark Dante," earned his 15 minutes of fame by utilizing his intricate knowledge of telephone systems.

Kevin Poulsen

Gary McKinnon, known as "Solo" on the internet, allegedly coordinated what would become the largest military computer hack of all time.

Gary McKinnon

Morris is the creator of the world's first known computer worm. Given that all types of computer viruses have spawned, he's not too popular with users.

Robert Tappan Morris

He is known as "The Mentor" in hacking circles, has been an active hacker since the 1970s. He was a member of several hacking groups in the past.

Loyd Blankenship

Julian Assange began hacking at the age of 16 under the name "Mendax.". he accessed various government, corporate, and educational networks.

Julian Assange

Who is Guccifer 2.0? Nobody knows for sure. It could be a person/ a group masquerading  who often targeted US govt. & others of political prominence.

Guccifer 2.0

Anonymous may be the most well-known "hacker" of all time, also most nebulous. It s a decentralized group of hackers with no true membership/ hierarchy.