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Zodiac Signs and Their Lady Gaga Anthem

Embrace your eccentricities with Gaga’s “Plastic Doll.” Uranus rules your sign


Gaga’s modern portrayal of Mary Magdalene’s story in this dance-pop number from Born This Way resonates with your innate righteousness, Virgo


Scorpios, this one’s for you: “Don’t be scared, I’ve done this before, show me your teeth.” Gaga’s Plutonian passions are on full display in this song


Telephone" is a perfect anthem for Gemini, with its playful lyrics, fast-paced beat, and featuring Beyoncé, another famous Gemini


As the boss of the zodiac,  Gaga’s friendship with fashion icon Donatella Versace inspired this glam anthem. “Mi-mi-bella, I’m a rich bitch, I’m the upper class.”


Born This Way's dance pop hit "Marry the Night" with its empowering lyrics and Gaga's signature style is the perfect anthem for Aries' fiery, passionate spirit.


Electro-rock tune "Electric Chapel" from Gaga's Born This Way album embodies your Venusian charms and relationship-driven nature as a Libra


Title track of Gaga’s album "Venus" depicts the celestial essence of Taurus ruled by the goddess of love, and its seductive lyrics embody for beauty.


Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius, always ready to seize the day! “Pack your bags and we can chase the sunset, bust the rear view and fire up the jets.”


With lyrics like “I live for the applause,” Lady Gaga’s 2013 hit song “Applause” perfectly resonates with Leos' sun-ruled persona.


Gaga's Oscar-nominated "I'll Never Love Again" from "A Star Is Born" is perfect for you, Cancer.


Gaga's "Alice" expresses the longing for a fantastical world, fitting for a Neptune-ruled Pisces.